Tapasya Indian Restaurants


The Tapasya mission strives to provide Indian food like no other. By building up relationships with local suppliers of the finest Yorkshire produce, they are able to offer quality fare prepared with ancestral Indian techniques. The result is a culinary experience unique to the local area.

This philosophy means that the Tapasya brand is challenging traditional views of the UK’s Indian food scene, where cheap convenience meals are dominant. However, in recent years there has been a rise in restaurants offering a more refined dining experience. Tapasya is the only one at present bringing this philosophy to their region.

The local produce is of the highest quality and is complemented perfectly by the traditional Indian techniques and flavours perfected by the chefs. The result is an unforgettable dining experience that is a feast for all the senses and something to be savoured.


The first Tapasya restaurant opened in Hull in 2013. It was a joint venture conceived by Tapan Mahapatra and Mukesh Tirkoti. Mr Mahapatra is a onco-plastic breast surgeon at the Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, and Spire Hospital, Anlaby. After deciding to enter the restaurant business, he created a partnership with Mr Tirkoti, who has a great amount of experience in the international hospitality industry.

Their aim was to provide the region with a unique dining experience, fusing fresh Yorkshire produce with traditional Indian cooking techniques. From Tapasya’s opening, they have created invaluable connections with local suppliers and brewers to ensure their restaurant meets their exacting expectations. This principle was applied to Mr Tirkoti and Mr Mahapatra’s next venture, Tapasya Catering. This provides the same high quality, refined Indian cuisine for events that range from private parties and weddings, to popular local festivals.

The latest addition to the brand is Tapasya@Marina. The stylish new restaurant will be situated in the newly renovated Fruit Market, overlooking Hull’s Marina. It will continue its sister businesses’ ethos of combining the best Yorkshire produce with ancestral Indian methods and influences. Tapasya@Marina opens on the 20th October 2016 and promises to be a wonderful addition to the Tapasya empire.


Tapan Mahapatra, Director & Founder
Mukesh Tirkoti, Director & Founder