No matter what the occasion, be it a celebration or a work outing, Tapasya can provide your party with a touch of fabulous finesse. We have two options for guests wishing to indulge in private dining. Our Grand Spice Room provides a sophisticated space, where diners can see out into the vibrant restaurant. For more intimate dining, our Chef’s Table offers an elevated position in the main dining room, as well as a wonderful view into the kitchen.

We have a selection of set menus that provide private diners with delicious Indian food with Tapasya’s own touch of finesse. We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality local produce, which is treated to aromatic Indian flavours. We use spices that have been dried and ground in house to ensure the most wonderful taste and aroma. Your group will be treated to a sensory experience, as well as warm and professional service. The result is a truly unforgettable private dining occasion.


For those searching for a more intimate dining, our Grand Spice Room is perfect for a wonderfully exclusive experience. With a wall dedicated to part of our wine collection, soft lighting and views into the restaurant, guests can enjoy delicious Indian fine dining in contemporary yet chic surroundings.



The Chef’s Table at Tapasya provides diners with an experience like no other. Its elevated position in the restaurant allows diners to enjoy the best view of the luxurious restaurant. Not only this, but the table provides a fantastic insight into the kitchen. Diners can see the chefs at work, as they create the finest Indian dining experience for the restaurant.