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Set to open it’s doors in April 2018, Tapasya Kitchen announces their appointed chef

Friday 23rd March 2018
By Tapasya

The Tapasya Group have recently announced a brand new concept, Tapasya Kitchen. A concept that is inspired by the stories of Indian street food vendors from around India, created to entice customers with wonderous scents, sights and sound experiences of the streets of India without ever stepping out of Hull city centre.

Now, Tapasya is set to welcome a brand new chef set to cook up a storm when Tapasya Kitchen is set to launch this year. Chanda Massey, who has over 15 years experience in the industry, a diploma in Hospitality Management and an undoubtable passion for cooking, is just the lady for the job.

Having previously worked at Jimmy Spices in London, and held the position of Head Chef at Vegiway Catering in Birmingham, Chanda is multiskilled in bringing a unique and interesting skillset to the Tapasya team to drive the exciting new street food concept towards a foodie success!

With a view to open in April 2018, the food will range from £3.99 – £5.99.

Here are some of the exciting dishes that will feature at Tapasya Kitchen:

Aloo Tikki , which is a North Indian dish that can be found in almost every shop and stall in Delhi and throughout the country this piping hot snack is prepared from boiled potatoes, onions and various spices.

Kathi Roll, Originates from Kolkata, India, this skewer-roasted kebab (chicken, lamb) wrapped in paratha bread is layered with onion, sauces including ketchup and chili, and normally a spicy green chutney.

Chole Bhature, This dish is famous all over India, but most eaten in Delhi where there are street food vendors on every corner. This breakfast dish consists of a combination of spicy and creamy chick peas and puffy hot fried bread called Bhatura, and is served with incredible sweet and sour chutney.